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 Betreff des Beitrags: NINE ELEVEN - 10 years later
BeitragVerfasst: 11. Sep 2011, 08:14 
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Today marks the 10th anniversary, since the day of the horrible terrorist attack of New York's World Trade Center.

Anyone could tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing, the moment they heard the news......"An airplane has flown into one tower of the World Trade Center, in New York."

Who could forget the shocking images of the collapsing World Trade Center, and the sheer panic of the people and their consternation of the almighty force of destruction.


I think back to the many thousands of people who fell victim to this attack......

The rescue workers who did not survive in their mission.......

The people who died at the Pentagon.......

I think of the people who were unaware if their loved one was still alive in the aftermath and who searched for answers.....

The people who died after the attack......

I also think of the loved ones left behind, to cope with the grief and loss.

Why do I post about such a sad topic below a funny Don Johnson 'hippie' movie?

I originally saw the film 'The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart', more than 20 years ago.... and again just recently, in March, 2011.

This film was Don Johnson's cinema debut.

I was alarmed within a few minutes of watching this film, as I recognised the appearance of a familiar building site under construction - New York's World Trade Center! It was a scene where Don's character 'Stanley', was standing at the fence of a building site and looking at the construction work in progress, before he went to college. Another time the iconic site features, is the scene where Stanley told his new love that "The noise would stop only Sundays."

It was evident during the filming, that the work on the World Trade Centre had progressed far enough, that the distinctive 'skeleton' of the Twin Towers could be seen. So now, having seen the skeleton of the buliding during its construction phase and knowing of the fateful event to transpire, I felt totally shocked!

I've pondered what Don Johnson might have felt at the moment of the attacks?

Was he just shocked, like the rest of us? Or perhaps he also remembered the significance of the iconic building featuring in his first major film and recalling himself as a young man, standing at the foot of this landmark, when it was just a construction site with a simple fence for protection.

I can only hope that such a terrible tragedy will never happen again in our world!

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: NINE ELEVEN - 10 years later
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This is so tenderly told, you have a way with words that makes me think you should be writing a novel.

Nobody will ever forget this day. I believed it shocked us all to the core because we were privy to watching it all unfold before our very own eyes on the television screens as if we were there.

I went straight to the movie after I read you’re words and watched the part where Don looks out over the construction site like you described. He must have thought of that moment at some time when the towers fell in 9/11
Thank you

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